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Gregory Beson

Gregory Beson is a trained industrial designer working across mediums from art direction to furniture design to sculpture. His work has been featured in Wallpaper Magazine, Venice Design, Core 77, Design Within Reach, Metropolis Magazine, Auto Desk and The New York Times. Founder of Gregory Beson Studio which works with specialized clients and galleries to create custom singular furniture pieces. His interest is in the tangible–materiality–as well as the poetic and semantic.

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Sarah Templin

Sarah Templin is a product and material designer whose work spans technology, apparel, medical, architecture and housewares firms and has garnered the attention of Print Magazine, Fast Company and the New York Times and won awards from Core 77 and Autodesk. She is the founder and principal of Radica Textiles, a line of hand screen printed textiles and soft goods that catered to architecture and interiors firms during its years of operation, from 2008 to 2016. Her distinct approach is shaped by fifteen years of experience as a design entrepreneur and over a decade of experience in museums, installation and curatorial work. 

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